Hacking Tools

Main Tools:

  • Advanced Map: This is the core modding tool. With this, you can edit maps, tilesets, events, people, place scripts, find free space, add wild pokemon data, and many more. Basically, it's the holy bible of rom hacking and 80% of your modding time will be spent working with it. Download
  • Xtreme Script Editor (XSE): A text editor for reading, writing, and editing scripts inside the rom. It is used on par with A-Map in a sense that you write a script, import it into the rom at a specific byte offset, and then copy that offset number to your person/event script variable. Download

Useful Tools:

  • Overworld Editor: For all things editing the palletes, sprites, and animations of in-game objects. These, for example, are the player and other people, key objects like cut's tree, rocksmash's rock and strength's rock, item pokeballs found on the ground, etc. Download
  • Advance Sprite, Icon & Position: A set of three programs for editing the pokemon party icons and battle sprites. Very usefull if you want to add a custom pokemon in the rom (like I did with Yveltal in the Pokemon Ruby: The Prequel series). Download
  • Advance Trainer: A tool to modify existing trainers in the game, or add new ones. You can edit the trainer's image/name, their difficuly level, their pokemon, the music playing during battle, the prize money you get after beating them, and even what items their pokemon are carrying. Download
  • Move Editor: As the name implies, it's a tool to edit the in-game pokemon moves. You can change the name, the stats (power, accuracy, priority, pp), the effect, the description and it's contest appeal. Download

Other Tools:

You can find a bunch of rom editing tools, including all the previous ones, on my Google Drive folder.